Shea Butter

Native to West Africa, and derived from the oil-rich seed of the fruit of the shea tree, shea butter is packed with vitamins and fatty acids and is known for its moisturizing and healing powers. Shea butter is a natural and gentle remedy for a host of skin conditions such as dryness, eczema, acne, stretch marks, and rashes. 

Natural Moisturizer  
The fatty acids contained in shea butter are the reasons why shea butter is so moisturizing for skin. It makes shea butter a natural solution for skin that can easily melt and be absorbed by skin with only our body temperature. 

Treats Dry Skin Naturally 
Effectively and naturally helps relieve dry skin. Especially useful on the elbow and knees where it's usually harder to keep moisturized. 

Protects Skin Natural Oil 
One of the reasons why your skin is getting dried because factors like water or even the wrong body soap which can deplete our skin of natural oils. Our Shea butter will help lock those natural oils in while the added Squalane and Amaranth seed oil will replenish what was lost. 

Stimulates the Production of Collagen 
Shea butter that absorbed by skin could stimulate the production of collagen helping your skin look fuller and healthier. 

Contains Antioxidants Qualities 
Antioxidants found in shea butter give your skin one more layer of protection from harmful free radicals.  

Gives You Anti-Aging Benefits 
Studies have proven that shea butter could help slow down the degeneration of skin cells and at the same time accelerating the generation of new cells. 

Prevents Premature Wrinkles 
Shea butter has anti-aging benefits will prevent you from premature wrinkles


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