Vitamin E and Potency Guarantee

Exclusive Potency Guarantee For Fabulous Results
Only Colonial Dámes guarantees you the pure Vitamin potency required in the war against aging skin. Using an exclusive scientific analysis system, each Colonial Dámes skin care preparation is electronically assayed and certified to contain the correct potency content and formulation for the fastest, most effective rejuvenation and revitalization of damaged skin.

What Causes Aging Skin? 
Your skin is under constant relentless attack not only by time but by a horde of environmental aggressors. Atmospheric radiation, ultraviolet rays, smoke, auto exhaust, medical x-rays, factory emissions, fuel by-products and more.

Some of these assailants attack the skin directly from the outside, but others, recently uncovered, create damage from the inside through cellular change.

For example, the oxygen you need to live can actually kill skin cells. New research shows that your body can produce unstable molecules called "free radicals" which, according to scientists, cause "rust in the cells," forcing them to age and die.

The common damage caused by all of these multiple, unstoppable attackers is skin that turns coarse, weary, dry and wrinkled -- Skin that looks too old too soon, making you look that way, too.

Fighting Back With Colonial Dámes Vitamin E 
There is a dynamic, productive way to fight back; to help stop the continuing damage and to aid in recapturing the look of healthy, youthful, glowing skin again. It is with nature's own Vitamin E; the near-miraculous skin rejuvenator richly activated in each Colonial Dámes Vitamin E skin care preparation.

New findings from the worldwide scientific community show that this natural wonder is a multi-beneficial protector; aggressively combating and counter-attacking signs of aging in many ways.

Used as directed, Colonial Dámes Vitamin E skin care preparations significantly help to minimize past damage done to your skin by internal and external destructive forces. They also aid in present-day renewal and beautification of already damaged skin. And, at the same time, they penetrate deeply with rich moisturizers -- including a naturally-occurring sun block -- to reinforce your skin's natural defenses against future harm.

Improvement You Can See and Feel
Thousands of Colonial Dámes Vitamin E skin care preparations users report that within short weeks or even days of proper use, aging skin showed newer, healthier color; tighter, smoother texture; disappearance of fine lines; lessening of creases; the end of dry skin and flaking; and, overall, the new natural elasticity and radiant glow of youthful skin.


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