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Colonial Dámes Vitamin E creams are great for all skin types, support the skins recovery, & help protect and moisturize for healthy glowing skin.

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From Wagon Train to Hollywood and after 135 years, we're not getting older, we're getting better.

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Learn the benefits of Vitamin E and our exclusive potency guarantee.


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We are a family owned company of over 135 years it is has always been our great pleasure to provide you with the highest quality products possible. From our family to yours we thank you for choosing Colonial Dámes.

Vitamin E

Creams, oils and Lotions to protect and moisturize.

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I am a 3rd generation user of this FABULOUS MOISTURING CREAM. My Grandmother introduced it to my father and to me. It leaves your face moisturized the entire day. I get compliments on my skin all the time. Thank you Colonial Dames! I would not switch to another face cream!


I use Colonial Dames Vitamin E Cream for every spot on my body, and have done so for many years. I use it primarily as a foundational face cream, and am thrilled with the results. I keep a steady supply on hand for various spots in my home and also in my office. I tried lots of other creams until I found out about it about 20 years ago. Now it is my only choice.

Jan Cummins

We first tried this lotion in Bermuda and were hooked! It's the most amazing lotion for your burned or chapped skin. The hubby is a welder and got a flash burn and this lotion kept him from peeling

Angela Willard

I always use Colonial Dames and have been since 1990. Not just for appearances but burns injuries and all sorts of issues. The brands sold around here are mixed with stuff that neutralizes the medical benefits of E-Oil. So I'm sticking with this brand and I hope they don't change it at all.

Sean Coast

I am so glad I discovered this new E cream. It has done wonders for my skin, has a lot of vitamin e and now that I am a label reader the fact that it is paraben-free and not tested on animals makes me even happier with my new go-to cream.

Alexis Ward

The oil is smooth, clean and I use it nightly on my face. Also, every other day a few dabs on each leg does wonder. Bruises due to medication are less obvious and skin looks good and smooth.


I have been using the Vitamin E Cream for well over 10 years...maybe 15...and NOTHING compares to how it treats and nourishes my skin. I could buy other products at twice to three times the price but, why should I, I love this product and wouldn't switch if you paid me!

Pat Goranflo

Have been using this cream for about 40 years. It is such good quality! It is rich but not greasy. My entire family uses it. Absolutely recommend it!


I have used this lotion, Colonial Dames Vitamin E All Over Hand & Body Lotion, for about 25 + years. When I could no longer buy it locally (at Longs Drugs), I looked up the company & now purchase it directly. ❤️ Highly recommended!!!


I'm 55 years old and I've been using the vitamin E & Aloe Cream since I was 18, I have next to no wrinkles and receive several compliments on how young & beautiful my skin looks, I've given family and friends some to try and now their hooked, I highly recommend this product!


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Designed for fine lines around the eyes

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